5 benefits of carrots for health

1. Can maintain eye health. Carrots are rich in vitamin A to reach
16706 IU, therefore, this fruit can
prevent eye pain. Carrots are known
can improve vision function.

2. Prevent cancer.
Many are made into vegetables or juices, however
know raw carrots are very good for
health, besides being able to improve function
vision can also prevent cancer
intestine, breast cancer, and lung.
Raw carrots contain falcarinol and
falcarindiol which is included in the anti-substance
cancer. So with that, carrots are very good
for health.

3. Can nourish the skin.
Not only improves vision function,
with rich vitamin A, carrots too
can nourish your skin. For you
who have skin problems like
acne, many black spots, dry, wrinkled,
even experience dull skin. Then the solution
to prevent skin problems
You consume carrots.

4. Lose weight.
Being overweight is also not good for
health. This can cause disease
like diabetes, cholesterol fiber can
at risk for the heart. Well, carrots can
maintain the ideality of your body. Then for
You who want to lose weight
and follow a diet program. Then
consumption of carrots, because carrots can
lose your weight.

5. Prevent cholesterol.
Carrots can maintain blood pressure as well
can prevent cholesterol. Is not that
cholesterol is very dangerous to health
You? Then for those of you who dont want to
attacked by bad cholesterol. Start
now consume carrot juice. Very carrot
good for body health.

10 Benefits of Coconut Water For Health

1. Overcoming dehydration, especially when
get diarrhea, dysentery and cholera
Coconut water has electrolyte balance and
plasma which is almost the same as blood. That
why coconut water is easy to fill liquids

2. Strengthens the immune system from
gum disease, channel infection
digestion, typhus and infection
Coconut water has a content for
eliminate bacteria and fight viruses.

3. Lose weight without effect
side, as found in
chemical drugs
Coconut water contains fat, sugar and
low calories.

4. Increase energy, as a substitute
packaging energy drinks
Coconut water improves the performance of glandular hormones
thyroid that makes you more energized.

5. Prevent aging and self
minimize skin aging
Coconut water contains lauric acid and cytokines
which is useful for the growth process and
cell regulation.

6. The digestive system improves and
urinate smoothly
Coconut water contains good fiber

7. Make skin smooth and radiant
Coconut water has a good content for
forming collagen tissue on the skin.

8. Coconut water is good for pregnant women and
Coconut water contains laurat origin as well
found in ASI to fight various
diseases of fungi, bacteria and viruses.

9. Increases male vitality, especially
who want descent
Coconut water can neutralize the nicotine content
which interferes with male fertility.

10. Eliminating internal poisons
Coconut water has an antioxidant content
good for warding off free radicals.

Van Dijk PFA Best Player

Premier League announces Van Dijk become the best player of the season, a few hours
before the match on week 38 was held on Sunday
(05/12/2019)He has never been absent
in 37 matches and only spent 35 minutes
matches throughout the season.

The 27-year-old defender scored four goals and two
assists so far. This degree completes the award
The PFA Best Player he received last month.
The van imported in January last year
broke the transfer record for defender
with a transfer value of 75 million pounds sterling. Season
this he contributed to helping Liverpool only
conceded 22 goals from 37 matches, making them
the team with the best defense together
Manchester City.

To win this title, Van Dijk outperformed
Sadio Mane, Salah, Sergio Aguero, Bernardo Silva,
Raheem Sterling, and Eden Hazard.

Last season
M. One of the winners of this award.
Van Dijk became the first defender to win the title
this is since Vincent Kompany in 2011/2012.
In the history of the award, only three defenders were
won this trophy Nemanja Vidic became the one
first get this award

After the Champions League Final Pochettino Will Discuss The Future

London – Mauricio Pochettino is still not
ensuring his future on TottenhamHotspur.

he will discuss the continuation of his career at
Tottenham after the Champions League final.
Even though he has a contract until 2023, Pochettino
continue to be rumored to be leaving Tottenham.
The future of the Argentine manager is often speculation.

Before the Champions League semi-final second leg match
against Ajax, Pochettino had the chance to leave Tottenham.

he might have gone if Tottenham were Champions League winners. This time, even though its not specific to repeat his words
that, Pochettino gave an indication
consider the continuation of his career after
five years handling Tottenham.

Chances are he will discuss it further with the Tottenham boss,
Daniel Levy, after finishing the Champions League final in June.

The 7th Richest Team in the World Liverpool Has a Value of Rp. 26 Trillion

Liverpool became a byword after
bury Barcelonas dream into the league final
Champions last night. Liverpool shaved off
Barcelona 4 goals without reply.

Liverpool, according to some sources, is a club
7th richest football in the world. While
Barcelona are second after Real Madrid.

Quoting Forbes, Liverpool
owned by the parent company called Fenway
Sports Group, LLC. Fenway is a company
sports based in America which is a
the parent of the US Baseball team, the Boston Red Sox, and
Liverpool FC.

According to Forbes, Liverpools value from the business side
mentioned at US $ 1.9 billion in Value
based on calculations as of June 2018

This value consists of, revenues of US $
462 million, then operating profit of US $ 93 million.
Liverpool also get acceptance from
matches of US $ 305 million, advertisements and
broadcasting US $ 1.2 billion, and brand value of U $ 430

Liverpool does not give up – M.City is proposed

Liverpool – Manchester City are still at the forefront
hunt for the Premier League trophy this weekend.
But, Liverpool must not stop hoping because
anything can happen.
City and Liverpool will enter the final phase
race for the league title on Sunday (05/12/2019)
tomorrow night tomorrow. In the 38th week, City will
away to Brighton headquarters while Liverpool
entertain Wolverhampton.
Seeing the current conditions, City will be more
seeded to be the champions of remembering them
at the top of the standings with 95 points, winning
one point from Liverpool. Thats the Citizens
will only face Brighton who has already escaped
from relegation, while the Reds face
The giant killer Wolves.
Also read: Liverpool and City will be with
Glad to exchange positions
“Our chances are still there, but you have to
realistic. You will certainly expect City to be
champions if you see the way they play throughout
this season, “Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk said
to Sky Sports.
“But you never know (what will
happen) and our focus is to beat
Wolves, because its also a tough task, ”
he continued.

Guardiola Focuses on Brighton, Ignores Liverpool

Manchester – English Premier League final, Manchester
City are still competing with Liverpool. Focus
full to City, Pep Guardiola will not monitor
news from the Liverpool match.
The Premier League will play a match
last this weekend. City with 95
points and Liverpool have 94 points still
compete for the title.
City will go to Brighton and Hove headquarters
Albion at The American Express Community
Stadium, Sunday (05/12/2019) night WIB. On
at the same time, Liverpool will host
Wolverhampton Wanderers at Anfield.

Victory over Brighton will ensure the title
champion for City. Therefore, Guardiola will
full focus brings City to three points without
ignoring what happened at Anfield.

“To be honest, its better to focus on what we are
do, “Guardiola said as reported by Sky Sports.