Tribe in China with Faceless residents Rupawan, Getting to know the Tajiks

Communities in Asia, especially Southeast Asia, North Asia, East Asia, Madagascar and some places around them are identical to their eyes
slanted, straight black hair, and this Mongoloid race is usually smaller than the Caucasian race.
However, different things actually exist in China. If you visit Tashkurgan City, precisely on the border between China and Pakistan, you will
found a tribe called Tajik, or which means a crown.
Tribes that inhabit the area that is still included in Xianjing province, China
this is not like most Mongoloid races.
If the Mongoloid race has slanted eyes, this does not apply to them. The Tajik people actually have wide brown eyes, sharp noses, white skin with eyebrows and thick hair. This is not only
applies to Tajian women only, men there also have faces that dont
lose handsome. In addition to having a pleasant face, the Tajiks are also very friendly and open to anyone.

This beautiful face of the Tajik tribe comes from its ancestors from Persia. Tajiks too
spread in several regions, namely Afghanistan, Tajikistan and southern Uzbekistan, Iran, and Pakistan. Language problems, usually for everyday
they use the Srikol language, and a few speak Wakhi.
Many Tajik people also speak Uygur and Kyrgyz. However, they remain
fluent in Mandarin.

Just like most people, the Tajiks also go on a diet. On a diet
they will usually eat meat
raw eaten with rice boiled with milk, as well as the pancakes
mixed with milk. For those who are on a diet also have several
abstinence, for example not eating animals that are not slaughtered and also
animal blood. About looking for a partner, Tajiks too
adhering to monogamy or just marrying someone who is still of one ethnicity
with him. They are usually not allowed to marry people from other ethnic groups.

However, for men they are still allowed to marry with different ethnicities. Even married
relatives who are still close to normal
do. And usually the age of the husband must be older than his wife. Religious developments in the Tajik also have a long history. Ancestor
they used to believe in many religions including primitive, Zoroastrianism, to Buddhism.
According to the news, the ancestors of the Tajiks did worship nature and natural phenomena, especially eagles who were believed to have close relations with people –
Tajik. The “Eagle Dance” dance of this tribe also has gestures
like an eagle. In addition, the tribe known for being good at dancing and singing is now embracing Islam
with Sunnis and Shiites.


7, Health Benefits Melon Reduces Weight to Prevent Cancer

Not only fresh, this pale green fruit also has a series of vitamins that are very important for health. So, what health benefits
does Melon Have? Heres the review:

1. Improve vision
Melons contain vitamins A and C which are quite high, both of which are beneficial for
helps strengthen the retina so that this one fruit will improve function
vision. Not only that, melons are also known to be high in potassium which is efficacious to control pressure
blood and prevent the risk of hypertension.

2. Lose weight
Melon is low in fat and calories but rich in fiber, so its good
to be consumed by someone who is undergoing a process of weight loss. Its fiber content is very effective to make the stomach feel full longer and also
minimize hunger.

3. Prevent heart disease
Melon is also enriched with potassium which can help reduce heart related problems such as stroke
and heart failure. In addition, this sweet fruit also has anticoagulant and adenosine properties that can help prevent blood clots, while diluting them.

4. Control blood sugar levels
consume melon
regularly it also seems to be very good for preventing diabetes. as one type of fruit that can
effectively control blood sugar levels, melon is a good medicine
for diabetics. Melon is also enriched with abundant vitamin C, so it is beneficial for
enhance the bodys immunity by stimulating the productivity of blood cells
white which will help fight infections in the body.

5. Lower cholesterol
Pay attention to the shape of the melon
Cholesterol levels that are too high can trigger various types of chronic diseases,
like stroke and heart. And,
consuming melons regularly can reduce cholesterol levels that settle in the body. Contain
water and fiber levels are quite high, melons will maximize the digestive system and also remove fat
and cholesterol with feces and urine.

6. Minimizing the risk of cancer
Melon contains vitamin C which is useful for counteracting free radicals, preventing damage to body cells,
prevent dehydration, and increase energy. In addition, melons are also enriched with beta carotene which is very effective to help minimize risk

7. Prevent defects in babies
Melon also contains folic acid which is quite high so it is very good
consumed by pregnant women. Folic acid itself is one type of substance
needed to help prevent defects in babies. It is not that
only, this pale green fruit also contains very anticoagulants
effective for overcoming cramps during menstruation.

to Get Teeth Healthy Food 7

To have healthy and strong teeth, brushing them should be routinely with fluoride-containing toothpaste
is one way that can be done. As one of the compounds present in toothpastes, fluoride can help nourish it
teeth, while avoiding them from
risk of cavities or other diseases.
But you know, not only in toothpaste, fluoride also turns out to be in a row of food ingredients. the following seven types of food containing fluoride to maintain dental health
as reported by Boldsky:

1. Black Tea

Black Tea (Photo: Thinstock)
The first food that is rich in fluoride is black tea. 3.5 ounces of black tea, containing around 0.25-0.39 milligrams of fluoride. The amount can be
meet the bodys fluoride needs of 9.7 percent. Not only that, the antioxidant content of black tea has the ability to cleanse toxins stored in the body.

2. Raisins

Raisin illustration. (Photo: Thinstock Doc.)
Raisins also seem to contain substances
natural fluoride is quite high. Besides
that is, raisins are also rich in nutrients such as vitamin E, vitamin K,
vitamin C, and the vitamin B6
beneficial to help relieve constipation, prevent anemia, fever,
and sexual dysfunction.

3. Shrimp

Illustration of shrimp. (Photo: Pixabay)
Other foods that are rich will be
flouride is shrimp. Not only
packed with fluoride content,
shrimp are also various other nutrients
like selenium, vitamin B12, phosphorus,
choline, copper and iodine which are useful for preventing diabetes, heart disease, inflammation, and cancer.

4. Crab

(Photo: Pixabay)
Crab is also rich in fluoride. In addition, this one marine animal also tends to have a fairly low level of saturated fat, and also contains vitamin C, riboflavin, niacin, iron, copper, vitamin B12, magnesium and high phosphorus.

5. Oysters

Oyster illustration (Photo:
Oysters are another type of seafood that contains fluoride but is deep
smaller amount. 3 ounces of oyster contains about 0.05 milligrams of fluoride, far greater than that
with fish containing only 0.02 milligrams of flouride per 3.5 ounces.

6. Wine

Wine (Photo: Thinkstock)
Not only oysters, wine is also known to contain a variety of nutrients that are beneficial to health, one of them
is flouride. Drinking one glass of grape juice every day, can help prevent cancer, fight aging
early, maintain brain health, relieve inflammation, to balance cholesterol levels.

7. Potatoes

Illustration of fresh potatoes (Photo: Pixabay)
Potatoes contain about 0.14 milligrams of fluoride which can meet 3.5 percent of the need for fluoride in
male body. And for women,
consuming potatoes can help meet fluoride intake by 5 percent.

5 Impact Too Consume a lot Watermelon

As a fruit that has abundant water content, watermelon is often consumed when summer arrives besides its sweet and fresh taste,
Watermelon is able to hydrate the body to consume watermelon in too much portion, not good for the body. Consume
watermelon in excess can give rise to variety
health problems such as diarrhea. Reported by NDTV, here are five side effects of watermelon

1. Cause diarrhea and digestive disorders
Diarrhea illustration. Contains moisture and fiber
quite high, the consumption of watermelons
too much can cause digestive disorders such as diarrhea and
bloated. In addition, high sugar content in watermelon can also increase the gas content in the stomach.

2. Increase glucose levels in the body Diabetics should reduce the consumption of watermelon. Because the fruit
This fresh has a high glycemic number that can increase sugar levels
inside the body. For that, consult
to the doctor before
consume it regularly.

3. Increases the risk of inflammation
on the liver If you often consume alcohol,
avoid eating too much watermelon. The content of lycopene in watermelon
can react and cause inflammation in the liver when juxtaposed
with regular alcohol consumption.

4. Can make the body too
hydrated condition of the body that is too hydrated,
or over-hydrated is a condition in which too much water in the body. This can cause the body to lose sodium
which leads to increased flow
blood, so that it can make the feet become swollen, the body fatigue, to make the kidney weak.

5. Can cause interference with the heart
Watermelon is rich in potassium content
which is good for tooth and bone growth. However, the content of potassium is
too much in the body can trigger various problems in the flow
blood and heart, like
unusual heartbeat, to a weak pulse.

8 Diktator Bengis yang Paling Banyak Memakan korban

ilustrasi (

DEMI melanggengkan tampuk kepemimpinannya,
para penguasa sering kali menghalalkan segala
cara. Tak terkecuali dengan mengorbankan nyawa
mereka yang tidak bersalah. Mereka dengan mudah
menghabisi lawan politiknya hingga masyarakat
biasa yang kritis terhadap kekuasaannya.
Dari sejarah panjang peradaban manusia, tercatat
sejumlah diktator yang memakan korban jiwa
terbanyak. Siapa saja mereka? Berikut daftarnya.

1. Mao Zedong (China)
Periode kekuasaan : 1943-1976)Jumlah korban : 78juta

2. Josef Stalin (Uni Soviet)
Periode kekuasaan :1922-1953Jumlah korban : 23

3. Adolf Hitler (Jerman)
Periode kekuasan : 1934-1945Jumlah korban : 17

4. Leopold II (Belgia)
Periode kekuasaan : 1865-1909
Jumlah korban : 15 juta

5. Hideki Tojo (Jepang)
Periode kekuasaan : 1941-1944
Jumlah korban : 5 juta

6. Ismail Enver Pasha (Turki)
Periode kekuasaan : 1913-1919
Jumlah korban : 2,5 juta

7. Pol Pot (Kamboja)
Periode kekuasaan : 1963-1981
Jumlah korban : 1,7 juta

8. Kim II-sung (Korea Utara)
Periode kekuasaan : 1948-1994
Jumlah korban : 1,6 juta

Sumber: www.

Michael Schumacher at the Ferrari Museum

F1 racing legend from the Ferrari team, Michael
Schumacher will be a big exhibition star
Ferrari at the Ferrari museum located in Maranello,
Italy. Exhibition dedicated to one
This sports legend opened on February 3,
the same day Schumacher will celebrate
the 50th birthday.
Ferrari said the event was intended as
celebrations and thanks to racers
The most successful Prancing Horse ever. Exhibition
this will display the elements
bring back memories of the times when
The German man became world champion seven
times as well as being the only person who
have achieved such achievements.

At the Ferrari museum booth will be exhibited
Schumys contribution to the birth of GT cars
produced by Ferrari. Michael Schumacher
won 91 races for almost 17 years
his career. He drives a Jordan Grand Prix,
Benetton and finally Ferrari, before retiring from
Formula one in 2006. In 2010, he
back as a racer for Mercedes.
However, the golden years are when you are
behind the wheel of the Ferrari. Of seven wins
championship, five in a row and occurs when
became the racer of the Italian team, between
2000 to 2004. Two other championships
won with Benettons team in 1994
and 1995.

Nearly five years ago, Schumacher experienced
severe injury while going down the ski slope at
French Alps. F1 legend falls and
his head hit the rock, and the fact that he was
wearing a helmet at that time did not prevent it
injured head.

As a result of this incident, the Formula 1 star
have to undergo two operations and spend
a lot of time in commas caused by
drug. His current physical condition is mostly
remains unknown, because people are on
surrounding areas chose to keep it a secret
his suffering.


Every time down to the track, MotoGP riders
always use maximum protection. Start
from helmets, gloves, shoes to clothes
racing can protect riders from injury
Understandably, the MotoGP race continues to drive the motorbike
with high speed, even speed
more than 300 km / h. So, rider
need extra protection. One of them is with
racing suit.

Alpinestars is one of the designers and
manufacturer of racing suits used in MotoGP. In
behind the safe, thick-skinned racing suit,
pinned on some interesting facts as quoted
from the Repsol Box. Anything?

First, the racing suit was made by hand. Clothes
racing is made by hand using
accurate measurement of each drivers body. Protective and fabric must be fit for perfection so that the rider can concentrate
spur the bike to the forefront.
Racing shirts dont just have to give
maximum comfort for motorists but also
maximum protection.
Second, racing suits as designed
Alpinestars are made of 13 pieces of skin. A dozen
the layer is cut and hand sewn. Process
making it takes more than seven and a half hours for each setting.

Third, airbags. The safety device is not
only in the latest cars. Airbags are also pinned
on MotoGP racing suits. Airbags have two
charge and keep expanding for five seconds
after falling. Racing shirts have sensors that are
very sophisticated that can detect whether
the rider is on the track or not and
the difference between falling and almost falling. This
activated almost instantly, even before
the driver hit the asphalt.

5 benefits of carrots for health

1. Can maintain eye health. Carrots are rich in vitamin A to reach
16706 IU, therefore, this fruit can
prevent eye pain. Carrots are known
can improve vision function.

2. Prevent cancer.
Many are made into vegetables or juices, however
know raw carrots are very good for
health, besides being able to improve function
vision can also prevent cancer
intestine, breast cancer, and lung.
Raw carrots contain falcarinol and
falcarindiol which is included in the anti-substance
cancer. So with that, carrots are very good
for health.

3. Can nourish the skin.
Not only improves vision function,
with rich vitamin A, carrots too
can nourish your skin. For you
who have skin problems like
acne, many black spots, dry, wrinkled,
even experience dull skin. Then the solution
to prevent skin problems
You consume carrots.

4. Lose weight.
Being overweight is also not good for
health. This can cause disease
like diabetes, cholesterol fiber can
at risk for the heart. Well, carrots can
maintain the ideality of your body. Then for
You who want to lose weight
and follow a diet program. Then
consumption of carrots, because carrots can
lose your weight.

5. Prevent cholesterol.
Carrots can maintain blood pressure as well
can prevent cholesterol. Is not that
cholesterol is very dangerous to health
You? Then for those of you who dont want to
attacked by bad cholesterol. Start
now consume carrot juice. Very carrot
good for body health.

10 Benefits of Coconut Water For Health

1. Overcoming dehydration, especially when
get diarrhea, dysentery and cholera
Coconut water has electrolyte balance and
plasma which is almost the same as blood. That
why coconut water is easy to fill liquids

2. Strengthens the immune system from
gum disease, channel infection
digestion, typhus and infection
Coconut water has a content for
eliminate bacteria and fight viruses.

3. Lose weight without effect
side, as found in
chemical drugs
Coconut water contains fat, sugar and
low calories.

4. Increase energy, as a substitute
packaging energy drinks
Coconut water improves the performance of glandular hormones
thyroid that makes you more energized.

5. Prevent aging and self
minimize skin aging
Coconut water contains lauric acid and cytokines
which is useful for the growth process and
cell regulation.

6. The digestive system improves and
urinate smoothly
Coconut water contains good fiber

7. Make skin smooth and radiant
Coconut water has a good content for
forming collagen tissue on the skin.

8. Coconut water is good for pregnant women and
Coconut water contains laurat origin as well
found in ASI to fight various
diseases of fungi, bacteria and viruses.

9. Increases male vitality, especially
who want descent
Coconut water can neutralize the nicotine content
which interferes with male fertility.

10. Eliminating internal poisons
Coconut water has an antioxidant content
good for warding off free radicals.

Van Dijk PFA Best Player

Premier League announces Van Dijk become the best player of the season, a few hours
before the match on week 38 was held on Sunday
(05/12/2019)He has never been absent
in 37 matches and only spent 35 minutes
matches throughout the season.

The 27-year-old defender scored four goals and two
assists so far. This degree completes the award
The PFA Best Player he received last month.
The van imported in January last year
broke the transfer record for defender
with a transfer value of 75 million pounds sterling. Season
this he contributed to helping Liverpool only
conceded 22 goals from 37 matches, making them
the team with the best defense together
Manchester City.

To win this title, Van Dijk outperformed
Sadio Mane, Salah, Sergio Aguero, Bernardo Silva,
Raheem Sterling, and Eden Hazard.

Last season
M. One of the winners of this award.
Van Dijk became the first defender to win the title
this is since Vincent Kompany in 2011/2012.
In the history of the award, only three defenders were
won this trophy Nemanja Vidic became the one
first get this award